This is one of our most popular winter programs, and a solid foundation for anyone headed to Mt Rainier, Denali, or similar objectives.  This course will have a mix of “classroom” and outdoor time.  On day one, we will discuss individual experience and goals and how we will tailor this course for your specific group.  We will then have a discussion on equipment and clothing for mountaineering.  Part of this will involve how to better pack our backpacks for climbing and how to decide what we need to bring.  The afternoon will be spent outside where we will go over the basics of ice axe and crampon use, as well as self-arresting.

Day two will again be a mixture of classroom and outdoor time.  Our classroom time will be focused on selecting objectives (mountains!!) to climb and how to go about climbing them.  Outside we will cover traveling as a rope team while touching on glacier travel techniques.  During day two we will, as a team, choose a mountaineering objective for day three.  The classic objective is of course Mt Washington, but based on weather and course goals we may decided on another objective for the day.  As a combination of the educational and the experiential, this course is tough to beat and you’ll come away from it with a comprehensive understanding of what serious winter mountaineering is all about.


IMPORTANT:  1) Weather and conditions may inhibit us from covering all topics outlined in this course.  Please be open to a flexible schedule.  2) Group courses require a minimum enrollment in order to run, and your reservation is subject to change if minimum enrollment is not reached.  Please note that this winter group course is reserved for those age 18 and older.  3) If you have specific time and learning needs, any class can be booked privately on any day of the week.  For information about private reservations, please call 845-668-2030 or email us at schools@ems.com.


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