Randonée, ski touring, ski mountaineering, and extreme skiing are all terms used to describe a new way of experiencing the world of backcountry skiing that is rapidly gaining popularity in the US.  These forms of skiing can be extremely dangerous if done without considering the hazards of avalanches, uncontrolled falls in steep terrain, fatigue, and mountain weather.  Alpine touring gear, also known as randonée gear, offers all the benefits of telemark or cross-country ski gear with the added power and control of downhill skis and bindings.  The pursuit of fresh fallen snow and new challenges draw hundreds off the ski slopes and into the backcountry each year.

We will learn about the gear needed to ski in the backcountry, get a better understanding of how to skin uphill, and ski, ski, ski!!!

Backcountry ski courses only touch on avalanche safety topics and should not be taken in lieu of a sanctioned avalanche training course.  It’s recommended to pair these programs with an Avalanche Training course through AIARE for a more comprehensive understanding of backcountry travel techniques, hazard awareness, and companion rescue.


***You must be able to ski at a BLUE SQUARE or higher piste level in order to join this group course.***

IMPORTANT:  1) Weather and conditions may inhibit us from covering all topics outlined in this course.  Please be open to a flexible schedule.  2) Group courses require a minimum enrollment in order to run, and your reservation is subject to change if minimum enrollment is not reached.  Please note that this winter group course is reserved for those age 18 and older.  3) If you have specific time and learning needs, any class can be booked privately on any day of the week.  For information about private reservations, please call 845-668-2030 or email us at schools@ems.com.


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