The tallest peak in the northeast is an even greater challenge in winter.  Over half of the 8.2 mile round trip is above tree line, where conditions can be famously harsh.  Mt Washington still holds the world record for the highest land wind speed at 231 mph and winter wind chill factor reaching a staggering -50 degrees F!

If facts like these get your competitive juices flowing, our experienced guides will provide all the technical gear you need (mountaineering axe, boots, and crampons) to take on Mt Washington at its toughest.  While no prior mountaineering experience is required, we do recommend taking our Introduction to Winter Hiking course so you can make your ascent with total confidence.

Our personal gear and clothing lists detail everything you are required to bring with you.  The morning of the ascent, you will need to arrive on time at 7am, be dressed appropriately, and be outfitted with the required gear in your pack when you meet your guide.  Before starting out, your guide will briefly cover how to dress for extreme winter conditions, as well as how to pack and how to climb efficiently.  Along the way we will also introduce methods for identifying hazards such as frostbite, hypothermia, avalanches, and whiteouts.

Our guides have logged thousands of Mt Washington winter ascents over the years.  Each one of them knows this notoriously unpredictable mountain well and has the training and experience to lead you to the summit successfully and with an unforgettable story to tell.


IMPORTANT:  1) Group climbs attract many people of all abilities.  Although we request that everyone should be in above average physical shape to have a better chance at reaching the summit on a favorable day, not everyone comes prepared.  The scheduled dates are reserved for those individuals who are interested in a mountain experience with a potential summit attempt.  We make every effort to get the group as high on the mountain as we can prior to our predetermined turnaround time.  However, because of weather conditions, time constraints, and differing physical abilities, the group you are with may have the need to turn around prior to the actual top of the mountain.  2) Group climbs require a minimum enrollment in order to run, and your reservation is subject to change if minimum enrollment is not reached.  Please note that this winter group climb is reserved for those age 18 and older.  3) If there is someone in the group who may need to go down early, the whole group will need to descend.  For this reason, if you are more goal-oriented and would like to have a better chance at a summit without being at the whim of any particular group member, it is best to book privately (either as a single or with friends). 


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